George Weasley Voldemort Minerva McGonigal Arthur Weasley Remus Lupin

George Weasley: when i was a sophomore in high school, i would hide in or near my friend’s classroom cause her class was next to mine and i would jump out or come up behind her and scare her. this happened for weeks it was hilarious.

Voldemort: hmmm well i might make it something from my parents’ saftey deposit box cause then no one could get to it but my parents and i know they wouldn’t destroy it.

Minerva Mcgonagall: i’m going to be lame and say the patronus charm. it’s really handy for defense and delivering messages.

Arthur Weasley: internet? probably internet, and in turn computers

Remus Lupin: i’m thinking a cat or bird tho if i can choose a magical creature maybe a dragon or phoenix.